Learn how to copy information and folders in Node.js? | by Sabesan Sathananthan

A number of methods to repeat information in Node.js

Sabesan Sathananthan
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In Node.js, there are a number of methods to repeat information., let’s check out the attainable methods and evaluation every of them. That is my forty fourth Medium article.

The copyFile() perform, which might copy a file on to the vacation spot listing, performs the best motion.

fs.copyFile('./information.txt', './dest/data.txt');

The above technique, asynchronously copies the file from src to dest. If dest is already exists then by default it’s overwritten. There are not any args handed to the callback perform over than any attainable exception. Node.js doesn’t be certain that copy operations are atomic. Node.js will try and delete the goal file if an error occurs after opening the goal file for writing.

There’s a drawback once we use the above technique. If the goal listing doesn’t exist then an exception will probably be thrown as a result of the goal listing should exist (the strategy is not going to routinely create the goal listing). Due to this fact, earlier than utilizing the above technique, consumer should validate whether or not the goal listing definetly exists or not? If the goal listing doesn’t exists, consumer may use fs.mkdir()or fs.mkdirSync()to create the goal listing. copyFile() technique can’t copy directories.

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